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hospitality interior design

the studio

Studio Rouge Interiors is an eccentric design studio built on a foundation of passion from within for hospitality, commercial, and high-end residential Interior Architectural Design. Studio Rouge was created and is led by Creative Director, Ryan Wayne Partin. 

His experience of more than 15 years is what drives Studio Rouge each and every day with a love and passion for space planning, function, architecture, and transformation. These key features of SRI merge with the attention to detail, boundless creativity, and cost-effective designs that has become synonymous with Studio Rouge throughout the Hospitality Industry. 

We specialize in new builds, renovations, and custom Brand concept packages. Studio Rouge manages every angle of the project and builds lasting relationships with clients, brands, architects, contractors, developers and purchasing agents to fully complete a design that is always based on being functional, cost-effective, and unique. 


What sets Studio Rouge apart from other design studios?

Studio Rouge Interiors focuses on all brands and scales of projects. We do not limit ourselves to serving a single brand or offer just one scope of work. We are hailed as one of the most budget-friendly and unique design studios in the Region. 

What types of projects do you focus on? 

While our niche is in Hospitality interior design, we also design commercial office spaces and the occasional primary home or vacation home. 

Do you offer a procurement service? 

YES! Studio Rouge is a full-service interior design firm, as well as purchasing agent. Once all designs are completed, including FF&E specification, we begin the purchasing phase of the project to coincide with the construction or renovation of the property.